Thursday, June 3, 2010

It Serves Craig Right for Not Posting

The truth is, who knows what has happened in the last 6 months. I'm not even sure. But, as I look at the pictures on my phone (as that is all I have access to at the moment), I guess I have a few things I can whip up.

First of all, a vent (with a joking tone of course). Why the H E double hockey stick is it my responsibility to do all the blogging anyway? It's not like I'm a medical student with 2 kids... that's also getting her MBA in her spare time or anything. But, I must follow the counsel of my dear husband. On the brighter side, I will have some sort of record (though few and far stretched) for future reference.

We had some pretty nice snow storms this winter. I enjoyed them, but was more than a little bit put out the time that our power was out for 2 days. We now own a generator and will not be freezing to death again.

All the sleds were sold out, so we improvised a bit.

And redefined an animal drawn sleigh.

We love, love, love living in the mountains 5 minutes from a free National Park with some fun trails. One of us is in the mountains everyday (with the dog EQ of course).

Suede is all girl and pictures of her Alice in Wonderland tea birthday party will have to come another time.

To my much dismay, my baby is no longer a baby. Ellis Craig turned 1 year old on May 23rd. No, there are no messy cake pictures, as I couldn't get the kid to eat the cake at all! One of my professors (a Dr. of course) was present and called me out on trying to get my kid addicted to sugar as I forced the cake down his throat, so hence, I gave up the effort and ate the cake myself. He is his daddy's son, and we have to keep a weary eye out to make sure he's not climbing something he shouldn't be.

Notice the blur. Yes, he was jumping while I sat back and took a picture. Sometimes there is only so much you can do.

Yes we are good at these photo ops that question our parenting skills.

Lastly, I would like to make a tribute to Craig as the post title suggests.

Here is my mother's day present for 2010.

Yes indeed that is a right handed putter (I'm a lefty). Just what I always wanted.

Rumor has it, it goes along with his latest project (that I remember being against and somehow....)

Yes, that is AstroTurf in our enclosed porch, which now has 2 holes cut in either side for a soon to be completed practice putting green.

This Father's Day I'm sure I can find something "wonderful" (and sparkly) that he will find great joy in.


Jenni said...

yay! great update taralyn! :)

Lynnie said...

good job Taralyn. Not like you're in med school or anything. I love your sleds.

Tamsyn said...

You guys are so funny!! I love it! It's like the Simpsons when Homer gets Marge a bowling ball that says Homer on it. Ha ha

Carianne said...

Your kids are getting so big! I love the pictures.

The Weilers said...

Love it - your kids are adorable..We miss you guys!

hlw said...

Drums in the living room, putting green on the front porch...Tleen what kind of room do you get? I think you should have a room with a soft, cushy bed and blackout curtains so you can take a good nap!! Cute pics of the kids!

modestmuse said...

I love all the pics! How did more than a year pass since Ellis was born?! Are you telling me Nile will be a year old in the blink of an eye, too?? Suede is so cute and funny, love the costume. I miss you guys!

JR Morgan said...

Sowby-it is the like a "Schrut'ed-it"

NICE! I'm so funny!

kristak1 said...

I love your updates Tar, the kids love seeing the pictures of the fam also!