Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall Fling

Fall is my favorite season. For some reason it always seems the most romantic of all. My good friend is featuring Fall in her "Fall Fling" so I decided to participate (see her blog Because Babies Grow Up)

One of my most favorite things to do during the Fall is to camp (in the mountains or the forest. Anywhere with trees.) and wake up to a crisp morning where we can drink hot chocolate and sit by the fire. Those of you who knew me pre-Utah know that this is somewhat new and was in fact adopted in my college years. Craig has turned me into more of an outdoor girl (although he would still argue the opposite). I never thought I would, but I actually enjoy sleeping out with no tent. That is...if there is an absence of mosquitoes. Suede had her first camping experience a couple weeks ago, and (I am told) really enjoyed it. We'll have to go again soon before it gets too cold for the kiddies.

Here are a couple pics of the campout with her Daddy a couple weeks ago. Of course I was stuck at home studying, studying, studying.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


So I promised myself I would post today as I have been telling myself for months I would catch up. It's the catching up that's so daunting you know. Months of change and where to begin. Also, there is the fact that we always forget to document things with pictures, so what do I have to show! Well here goes....

Brief Update
We left Virginia full of tears in July as we embarked on our new journey in Tennessee/Kentucky (I'm sure Zac and Gina were rejoicing as they now have their basement back).

We have a new house....let me rephrase that, we have a house built in 1929 that is new to us that we love. It's a funhouse, literally, with slanted floors and doors and all.

Craig has once again taken over the house with his recording equipment and drums. Glad he feels at home now.

Craig's commentary: And what's left over, Taralyn has scattered with her dozens of school books and supplies.

I started medical school on July 28th and am LOVING IT! I just don't know how I'm going to remember all the awesome stuff.

Our new ward is awesome and Craig finally has a big boy calling (he's gotten off the hook since we've been married). He's the assistant ward clerk over finance. I laughed at first, and then this morning realized it adds work for me as I have to get the kids ready for church by myself and bring them home by myself. Why oh why did I wish this upon him (and me)? :)

Phew, that wasn't too bad.

Now for a funny story.

As we were bringing a load out here (we moved in stages), we stopped for some food at Wendy's and a feeding/ changing of Ellis. Well, I fed and left the changing to Craig (dun, dun, dun). He had the van door open with Ellis on the seat and forgot the cardinal rule of diapering the child RIGHT AWAY! Needless to say, it was not the pee party you are thinking. It was quite the opposite. A powerful opposite at that. He just so happened to be bending down right at the moment Ellis decides to have one of his amazing squirty rocket poops. Outcome = poor Craig's face (and Taralyn laughing so hard she can't even hand him the wipes). Let me tell you, this was some power. We measured the distance that this rocket traveled, 8 ft!

This one's for you Craig!

Craig's commentary: Speaking of things on people's faces. Here's what Taralyn had on hers recently. All from a little plant called poison sumac.

Back to Taralyn: It was SO HORRIBLE! I became a believer in homeopathy this last week. My face is back to normal. Our Bishop (also a teacher at the medical school so he's a genius Dr) gave me a remedy b/c I can't take steroids while breastfeeding. Miracle stuff! Works better than steroids!

Well, that's all for now folks. Hopefully I won't wait 3 more months before I post another one.