Thursday, August 21, 2008

Old Dogs and New Tricks

Don't believe people when they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. My first experience going anywhere with Craig proved a lot about both of our personalities. We walked up to his car, he got in and I stood in front of my door waiting. He looked at me oddly at first then reached over (from the inside) and opened the car door. I closed it. He opened it again. I closed it. He then shrugged and started to back out. I smiled. He stopped the car, got out and opened my door and we had a lovely afternoon. Needless to say I didn't marry a hopelessly romantic fellow. We spent our honeymoon camping across America (other than the wedding night hotel provided by my parents). Practice has definitely paid off and yesterday I was provided with a WONDERFUL birthday. I awoke to, well, a crying baby, then I was presented with a menu selection.

I chose my breakfast of waffles, got ready, and we went to my favorite store, Barnes and Noble, where I picked up A Left-Hand Turn Around The World to read about all of the left hand places I need to visit, The Female Brain to help me in my quest to help Craig understand how I think (and to understand myself), and My Cousin Rachel by my favorite author Daphne du Maurier. As you can see from the itinerary I was only supposed to pick 2, but I convinced him to let me get 3 since 2 were on sale. We had a wonderfully tasty lunch at Maggiano's and returned home to eat some delicious chocolate cake (made from scratch by my sister-in-law Gina). This cake is labeled WAGONFOOD (as you can see in the video) so I can safely eat it on my diet and still stay "on the wagon".

I then was ushered into the car not knowing where we were going. We arrived at The Whistle Stop Bed and Breakfast in Louisa, Va. and had a relaxing time reading on the porch, putting coins on the train track to get squashed, eating a fruit tart and drinking sparkling apple cider (provided by my sister-in-law and mom), watching a movie, and "going to bed early". It was an awesome birthday thought up entirely by my wonderful husband, who when I first met him was unwilling to make an effort to even open my door. Thus, Old Dog, new trick.
P.S. I have since learned how to operate a car on my own (comment added by Craig as he was proofreading my writing. He has to feel manly somehow I guess. Just know he still does open my door.)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Beaches and Butterflies

We've done a few fun things thus far this Summer. All in all I realize that as soon as you have kids things are changed from, "This will be fun for me." to... "This will be fun for the kids!" The only way they coincide is if you happen to live through their enjoyment (that was said with a smile on my face if you were wondering). A trip to Virginia Beach with my mom and 7 kids (4 of my sister's and 2 of my brother's and Suede) proved my patience has not grown to the heights I had previously thought. It was a fun trip though and I really did like seeing them have so much fun.

Her first visit to the ocean was a big success and I had a hard time convincing her that she wanted to be playing in the sand by the blanket so I could read my book. The water was just to tempting to her and she would run for it at every chance. I did prevail for about 3 pages though.

With DC so close we feel the need to start her experience of the Nation's Capitol early. Last week we rode the metro and visited the Natural History Museum.

Before going to the museum we visited the Old Post Office for lunch and went up to the tower. They have these huge bells and every Thursday evening. the bell ringers come to practice and you can hear it out on 12th street. They do some crazy patterns that don't repeat themselves and have something like 5000 sequences or something (without music). At the tourist shop I saw something you will only find in our wonderful Nation's Capitol. Check out these pre-printed license plates. Not John or Mary but...



At the Natural History Museum I decided to get her started on her anatomy early. And starting with the skull is always easiest.

It was about 2 hours after nap time while she decided to have a melt down in front of hundreds of tourists, that I vowed never to take her in public again. Luckily that all melted away and I found the trip completely worth it when we visited the butterfly house. It was filled with hundreds of butterflies with the most amazing colors. You first enter a little room so they can ensure that none will escape and as you walk in the door a fan blows down on you to try to keep them contained. After you leave you have to enter another room and get checked to make sure none of the butterflies were hitch-hiking their way to freedom. Although, who would want to leave that paradise of flowers and fruit. It was amazing having them land and sit on me. Suede loved them. If you're ever in DC make sure to go to the Natural History museum on a Tuesday b/c that's when the butterfly house is free. I would suggest getting your tickets early though. We had to wait about 2.5 hours for our time to come up. Hence the break down. All in all it was a great time and I love visiting my favorite city.

Have you ever had a butterfly on your head? Well I have...