Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is There A Dr. In The House?

Well, I have to say that my hiding under a bushel for my fears of not being able to control my future are finally over. In the past months that I have neglected this poor blog I have re-taken the MCAT, finished my medical school applications including what seemed like hundreds of entrance essays. I have had 2 interviews so far, and today I got a phone call with my second acceptance. Thus, I can now come back out of my hiding space and tell you all of the happenings in the Sowby household. Dr. Sowby will be in the house.... just give it quite a few years for me to finish up :) The important thing is that I am finally on my way! Move over House, Dr. Sowby is on the way up. So far my acceptances are to a school in NYC (HARLEM) and one in the sticks of Tennessee. I'm not sure how I feel about living in the city of cement in a tiny apartment, but Craig hasn't decided yet which he prefers. NY would definitely do well for his line of work, but the school in Tenn. is in the middle of the mountains with great hiking trails. It's a tough call for him :) Anyway, I have fully repented of my folly and will keep up with the updates.

P.S. On other big news, baby #2 is on it's way at the end of May. Man do we have some changes coming to us! I obviously think this is not merely news for a Post Script, but am always unsure on how to break such news. Thus, I have resorted to the PS. Plus, those that get bored up top won't have patients (like my Dr. joke?) to find out the exciting news thus entered:) haha!