Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How Many Close Calls Can One Weekend Bring?

I am beginning to realize that my 8 month old is following a bit too closely in her father's footsteps. Craig made it through his childhood with 3 concussions, 2 skull fractures, multiple trips the the ER for stitches and who knows how many major cuts and bruises. This weekend marked the beginning of the chaos for me and Suede. Luckily Craig and I are laid back and realize there will be bumps and bruises along the way. A couple were a bit too close for comfort though.
Sat. Dec 23
My parents bought us a new bookshelf from Ikea in the scratch and dent. Craig and my Dad were carrying it in, and as they walk into the room, I realize my Dad is headed straight (backward) toward Suede. I yell, he doesn't register it, and proceeds to step on Suede. He realized this, didn't put down his whole weight and subsequently fell pushing the bookcase forward to try to miss her. It came crashing to the floor barely missing Suede. It was the closest call we've had with her thus far.

Sunday and Monday were somewhat uneventful with just your normal head bumps etc. on the floor while playing. Nothing to be too concerned about.

Christmas brought so much more. She first fell on her cheek on Craig's new Bongos leaving a bruise, but that was just the warm up. Suede is now fully mobile and is into things as any child could be. She dislikes being held because it takes her away from exploring the vast floor space. We were sitting in the living room of my sister's house after opening presents and Suede was on the floor playing around. Suddenly she started choking but we couldn't quite figure out what was in her mouth. She was still breathing, but having trouble. We finally saw that she has one of those metal snowflakes that you see on presents lodged in her throat and we were able to dislodge it. My sister proceeds to scare me with a story of our cousin who had a dried flower in her mouth and had to be medivaced to the hospital because her throat started closing in.

Next adventure occurred when we were packing up to leave. She was on the floor in the kitchen and I checked for any small objects around and found the area I thought. As curious as she is she decided that the dishwasher that was inadvertently left open was an excellent play space. Suddenly there was a crash and we came running in to see the her on the floor with silverware surrounding her and the bottom drawer flipped up. Either a fork or a knife or some other sharp object had punctured her eyebrow. Just a little closer and she probably would have lost her eye. Luckily it was small enough for a butterfly bandage, but walking in to see your baby bleeding is definitely a jolting experience. We're hoping she's done with these close calls for a while. Luckily it's apparent that she has angels watching over her. We were definitely blessed in more ways than one this Christmas.

Here is a picture of her eye, sort of. I tried to get it, but if you get too close she merely grabs the camera.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Merry Christmas To All, And To All A... Well You Know

Suede loved her first visit with Santa. She decided that instead of crying, she would win his heart over from the very beginning to ensure ample presents in years to come. There are so many things you don't think of (well maybe everyone else does and I don't) about having a child. Santa visits, etc., etc. Luckily I'm finding it to be quite fun. And equally lucky I have my sister Cassie to remind me of all of the essentials like first Christmas ornaments, Santa pics, and the list goes on and on. Hopefully I'll catch on to all this soon. Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lame Video, Cool Digs

Well, people have requested some pics of our new place. So here is the super-budget-low-quality preview.