Monday, April 21, 2008

Suede's Scootin' Shufflin' Shimmy

"When words are scarce they're seldom spent in vain" Shakespeare

This pictures is a bit old (about 3 mo ago), but I felt it was fitting for her first word. Let me introduce the family dog. We enjoy all the perks of being dog owners without any of the hassle i.e. feeding, cleaning, walking. Our upstairs neighbors (my brother and his family) have the best Boxer. He's smart, sweet, and cuddly and Craig never lets us forget he's also stinky. He's amazing with kids and Suede squeals every time he comes down to visit us. So her first word was not the loving expression of Mama, but that of "Boo" the family dog. You can see here she is tugging at his ears while he just lays in waiting for what may come next. He has one blue eye that is thus red in the picture and I'm starting to think he might be deaf in one ear. His hearing is very acute, but he has trouble spatially; figuring out where the sound comes from is sometimes a challenge. He opens doors to get in the house (which can be bad if you want to keep his muddiness outside). But like I said, I have the joy of hearing about the messes without having to take part in their cleaning up :). He actually assists in OUR clean up with his rapid actions under Suede's high chair after meals. So, all in all I don't feel slighted by her choice of word. I think he's rather great too.

DISCLAIMER: Craig, being the one that sees the most of Suede during the day, states that Suede's first word was in actuality Dada. I was not told of this at the time, thus if he wants me to concede to such things has to keep me abreast on all the latest happenings in the world of Suede.